November 16, 2013
8 months and 7 days since
our celebration.
2014 Registration is now open!
2014 Space rental fees:
$40/1st space, $35/additional spaces
$30/1st space, $25/additional spaces
$5 electrical access fee
Pay by check, credit or debit!

The Holiday Bazaar is a one of the largest Booster Club fundraisers of the year and benefits all of the students at Beaverton High School. This event is run entirely by parent and student volunteers.

Admission is FREE, and door prizes are offered to patrons as well. 

Santa Claus will be available for affordable portraits (printed or on CD) and to visit with the children.  There will also be concessions available for purchase throughout the day, as well as entertainment.
What is the most used letter and least used letter in the english alphabet ?

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